8 Tips for SaaS Social Media Marketing in 2022
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Social media marketing logos on building bricks

8 Tips for SaaS Social Media Marketing in 2022

When you’re starting out as a SaaS startup you need to make sure your customers can find you – enter stage left – Social Media.

But that’s not enough, you need to make sure you have a social media strategy in place to ensure you stand out from the noise of your competition and meet them where they are.

Hopper recently outlined 8 social media marketing tips for SaaS Startups:

With over half the world on social media, it makes sense that your new SaaS startup should be on social media as well.

1) Know your social media platforms

With so many social sites to choose from, do your research. Learn about the core ones such as Facebook which has nearly 3 billion active users, but don’t forget other sites that will work for YOUR business – especially if you’re niche.

“Realistically though, anywhere from 10 to 15 social media sites are worth your time  — and even then, only if they suit your needs. Facebook is the resident juggernaut, followed by YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. WhatsApp is one of the main platforms in European and Asian markets.”

2) Focus on social media awareness

Ensure social media is used at the top of your SaaS marketing funnel to create awareness and then filter down as per your strategy (who/what/why/where/how much), and don’t forget to talk about your values!

Quick updates, videos and comments on posts can be fun and engaging but don’t forget long-form blog posts to really showcase knowledge and educate.

3) Invest in high-quality visuals

Regardless of the platform, you’re using, make sure the quality of content is high.

“social media posts that include high-quality images typically get 650% higher engagement than those that don’t.”

4) Stop.. collaborate & listen

Create a sense of belonging and partnerships with similar businesses in your industry/niche.  Share your resources or sponsor relevant events.

“look to form collaborative relationships that you can harvest for years to come.”

5) Leverage social media influencers

Firstly make sure you find the right influencer to share your product or services with their audience. You’re looking for a large reach at a cost that works for your business. Make sure you look at this value equation.

“Influencers work well because of the so-called “halo effect.” This theory argues that if someone likes a certain aspect of something — their speaking style, fashion choices, or political beliefs — you subconsciously assume certain other things about their character.”

6) Paid social ads

Paid ads are essential at the early stages of any SaaS startup. Facebook made it’s fortune on the back of sharing data!  Start with low-budget awareness ads, then build on those using the data you get back.

“The key is developing an audience that you can communicate with consistently, then retarget them with offers for your products and services.”

7) Be available to your customer

Social media can play a huge part in communicating with your customer so use it for this purpose. Ensure you can respond (quickly) to any comments left about you on social… whether good or bad!

“social media is the perfect intersection between businesses and customers.”

54% of customers have a “more favourable view of a specific brand after seeing them respond to complaints on social media.”

Not responding at all, it can lead to a 15% churn rate!

8) Consistency and intentionality

Be consistent and stick to your strategy.

Get it done. Be present. Build relationships.

“done is better than perfect”.

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