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9 ways that effectively managed Cyber Security is a very public symptom of a well-run company

1.  Cyber–security transcends the entire organisation – perhaps even more than digital transformation. It obviously involves the IT and finance departments but this subject stretches from the cleaners to the brand manager. Like digital transformation it is about data, cross-silo co-operation and agility.
2.  Budget vs culture – like digital transformation cyber security is as much about the culture of an organisation as it is about the technology deployed. Like “Digital” it is not a shiny machine that you buy off the shelf switch on and then sit back thinking job done. 70% of cyber security is about applying common sense principles consistently across the whole company.
3.  It is a process not a product. Like the world of digital marketing, cyber security is an arms race; an arms race set a very dynamic context.
4.  The board probably does not understand this new threat. There is little precedent for the scale and type of threat that cyber-security poses. The board may be ill equipped to get their heads around this.
5.  Legacy IT – like digital transformation in general, one of the biggest barriers to countering cyber-threats is the creaking IT infrastructure. For years, most code has been written without cyber-security in mind. Even if your own code how about all the 3rd party suppliers you have so seamlessly integrated with?
6.  There is a gap between the expert techies and geeks and business requirements. There is always a trade off between complete security, closing off all connection with the outside world, and doing business easily, efficiently and seamlessly. There is also a dearth of cyber-security experts who understand the tech but can also talk to senior humans!
7.  Brand – cyber-security affects your brand! In fact in many cases the damage to a hacked company’s brand is arguably greater than the physical removal of cash from it or its customers.
8.  Like “digital” this is a new area for staff and specifically for HR. There are few qualified people out there and even fewer with a long track record. It is the ability to see the big picture, have a broad understanding of the entire threat, an ability to triage what can be an enormous problem and the ability to keep ahead of a very dynamic picture that marks success.
9.  The future – there is a high likelihood that there will be twin pressures from government regulation and the insurance industry. It will also be an important part of due diligence.

At Hannington Tame we have just completed our first cyber-security placement and we look forward to more. Do get in touch if you need any advice in this area.

James Minter

James Minter is a partner at Hannington Tame, the digital CEO and C-Suite headhunting specialist.

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