Ecommerce News Roundup | 14 Nov 2022 | Hannington Tame
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Ecommerce News Roundup | 14 November 2022

US Inflation came in lower than expected last week – will this feed into better news on interest rates?  Probably not immediately but at least the ecommerce news is moving in the right direction.

Despite big lay-offs in tech, much of this is just rowing back on an unjustified hiring spree last year.  Meta let go 11,000 but it had hired 15,000 extra in the last 12 months.

And the world of Crypto is having a major wobble.  Good if you enjoy the schadenfreude of watching smug crypto experts looking less smug.  Not so good if you were one of those speculators – sorry I mean investors.

Meanwhile, there is plenty to suggest that outside Europe and locked-down China there is an encouraging amount of growth out there.

As always, have a good week…

Price is what you pay; Value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

UK ECOMMERCE NEWS – The Works, Google, Travcorp, …

UK Ecommerce Newsletter

The Works sees ecomm sales stabilising

Travel is still booming as BGF backed Travcorp hits £100M t/o

Mixed news on the rebalancing of on- and off-line retail

Google announces Discovery Ads

INTERNATIONAL ECOMMERCE NEWS – Tik Tok US, Double 11, The Bodyshop,…

International ecommerce newsletter

TikTok dips its toe into in-app ecommerce in US

Amazon’s European competition

Ecommerce platform sales continue to boom in China on 11:11/Singles day

Owner of Bodyshop sees double digit growth outside Europe
Cosmetics Business

Luxury sales grow for Richemont with 19% on-line growth
Fashion United


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