Ecommerce News Roundup | 28 Nov 2022 | Hannington Tame
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Ecommerce News Roundup | 28 November 2022

Welcome to this week’s ecommerce & digital news.

OK – so I got it wrong last week about China easing its Covid restrictions…

Meanwhile coffee is coming down in price and it looks like Black Friday is still a thing…lots of stories below.

And for a little light distraction – a useful guide to macro-economics and cows.
via Twitter

Have a good week.


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UK ECOMMERCE NEWS – Pandora, Doc Martens, Waitrose, …

UK Ecommerce Newsletter

If you get TikTok right….Pandora sees 200% growth
Pandora has seen sales of one of its charms rocket by over 200% in the UK due to a viral TikTok trend with fans of K-pop group BTS.

Doc Martens continues to grow

Waitrose appoints new Customer Director
Waitrose has appointed Nathan Ansell as the business’ new customer director to develop the retailer’s multi-channel customer strategy, with a greater focus on “quality, value, service and sustainability”.

In the unlikely event that you are feeling very flush – now you can order your Land Rover Defender on-line.
One step up from build-a-bear

INTERNATIONAL ECOMMERCE NEWS – Black Friday, Shopify, Coffee,…

International ecommerce newsletter

Early report on US Black Friday results
Consumer spending looks strong this holiday season, despite a challenging economic climate.
Insider Intelligence

Shopify has inflation busting growth
Merchants selling on Shopify’s ecommerce platform racked up a record £3.12 billion in sales this Black Friday.

Coffee prices are coming down fast!
See infographic from Steno Research via Twitter

Paid Search still a strong driver in US Black Friday
…figures from Adobe Analytics show paid search was Black Friday’s biggest driver, representing 30% of all online sales.

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