Ecommerce News Roundup | 30 Jan 2023 | Hannington Tame
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Ecommerce News Roundup | 30 January 2023

Meta, Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet have been making swinging cuts in their staff this year.  A couple of points here – firstly, this follow periods where they had been hiring like crazy so this is probably a reversion to the mean rather than a cataclysmic net loss of jobs.  Secondly, if you lose your job in the US on a work visa then you will probably end up going home asap.  You have no rights (to work, healthcare etc) unless you find exactly the same job in another company straight away.

I have been listening to the excellent podcast, Money Maze. Most relevant to readers will be the one with Michael Birshan of McKinsey discussing the famous and pre-eminent management consultancy’s current strategy and preoccupations.  I was staggered to hear that McKinsey now reckons that 40% of its staff are dedicated to ‘digital’.

And many of you may be familiar with Ometria – here is its super-clever founder Ivan’s wonderful retrospective on his decision making over the last year.  Highlights include – people are the big differentiator; scale changes decision making; and “why the f@@k was I buying very expensive digital monkey pictures?”

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James & Patrick

The 'resilients' do not wait and see; they act and adjust

Michael Birshan, McKinsey

UK ECOMMERCE NEWS – Crew, Bensons, Live Unlimited, …

UK Ecommerce Newsletter

Crew Clothing cites omni channel and partnerships (John Lewis, Next, Very) as factors in last year’s success. CEO David Butler points out “Our loyal customer base continues to grow and people chose to shop with Crew this Christmas.”

Bensons for Beds (Buyer of Eve) reports growth and accelerates digital transformation. It seems, following the restrictive pandemic – all customers want is a nice lie down.
Furniture News

Live Unlimited sees it plus-size offer take it to profit after only 3 years. “2022 has been a very exciting year, our sales have increased across all of our retail channels… and our own website.” Rachel Heather, CEO & Co-founder


International ecommerce newsletter

TikTok one of the factors in Inter Parfums >50% growth

US Ecommerce passes record $1Trillion

BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) and smart phones big channels for US ecommerce

Swatch Group shows strong sales in all regions outside of China. The hugely popular MoonSwatch has seen demand rocket

And talking of moons and time! How do you work out the time on the moon? It will of course be critical for NASA’s plans for LunaNet and Solar System Internet

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