Ecommerce News Roundup | 9 Jan 2023 | Hannington Tame
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Ecommerce News Roundup | 9 January 2023

At times like these, it does seem as though just the top and the bottom are doing well.  But if Tescos can do well…could it be because they have the lowest petrol prices??

There is definitely a mixed bag of reports on the current retail environment both in and off-line.  Christmas seems to have gone better than the low expectations most people had but there is also a fair bit of consolidation going on out there.

I was talking to a B2B SaaS entrepreneur this week.  He has just exited and is a niche expert on content creation and so naturally we were discussing Chat GPT.  He said that they had been monitoring AI tools for many years and had never been impressed – this time he thought it was different….have a look at Ben Evans’s take below.

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UK Ecommerce Newsletter

Good deep read on ChatGPT by tech analyst Benedict Evans where he considers all the important questions including “What can it create, and where are the humans in the loop?”

Liberty’s sees growth and approaches profitability. The department store stalwart narrowed its losses …with sales now close to pre-pandemic levels.

Overview of the decline in ecomm sales and conversion rates last year


MercadoLibre, CES2023,…

International ecommerce newsletter

MercadoLibre surges. Latin America’s dominant ecommerce operator continues to.. well, dominate!

A v. quick overview of CES2023. How did the contenders in the annual battle of the screens fare this year?

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