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Helping Drive Digital Capabilities

Focus Areas to Drive Digital Capabilities

The Gartner Research Board has identified a new operating model for Data, Analytics, and Digital Leaders, outlining five focus areas to help drive digital capabilities within their organisations.


“The CxO 5.0 operating model is based on the idea of grafting, where D&A leaders bring to their companies a way to behave and act like digital natives using five core components.”


The five focus areas to drive digital capabilities

Founder Mindset

Essentially this means solving problems whilst wasting as little time on meetings etc as possible.

“Ensure that there aren’t too many siloed startup mindsets by having a “north star” on the team.”

Business Outcomes

Organisations need to align their business strategy with their digital strategy, communicate the importance and purpose of being data-driven and foster a culture of accountability.

Strategy for Disruption

Use data to create your strategy NOT to prove your strategy.

“… leverage strength across the organization for scalability and have the courage to change or cut ties with people, processes and relationships that do not align.”

Organizational Changes

Build a resilient organisation able to deal with, and take advantage of, frequent people changes.

“The goal is to encourage a more decentralized organizational structure that allows for the infusion of skills across the business.”

Digital/D&A Products

Enable the organisation’s ability to discover, evolve and mature through real-time operations and cross-communication.

“This will provide the ability to mature and discover new products enabling evolution with new insights.”


Read the full article from Gartner

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