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Save The Children Partner With Hannington Tame

Save the Children have chosen Hannington Tame to assist with the appointment of a Digital Director; a new position sitting within the organisation’s leadership team.

Save the Children is one of the UK’s most respected and cherished brands with an extremely good reputation for both the efficiency and effectiveness of their operation. This new role is part of the charity’s determination to lead the use of digital and internet technology in the not-for-profit sector.

“The Digital Director will have an open remit to completely overhaul the whole organisation’s digital strategy and tactics to improve the way Save the Children operates” says James Minter, the Partner at Hannington Tame leading the search. “Responsibility spans all the areas you might expect, from the way the charity communicates and engages with individual donors and sponsors, the way it handles its enormous dataset, to more operational aspects such as improving the efficiency of crisis management and its internal communications in general. Save the Children has some fabulous online assets and some extraordinary staff – what we want to do here is give digital a voice within the organisation and tie it together from the IT department to the Board.”

“We feel extremely privileged to be working with Save the Children,” says Patrick Tame, Partner at Hannington Tame. “Helping to shape the leadership team of any major organisation is a big responsibility but the stakes in this case are much higher. We are not trying to deliver dividends to share holders on this one – we are helping save lives.”

Save the Children has been supported by Hannington Tame through our charities initiative, which will allow Save the Children to divert more money to their life-saving work. Do let us know if you or anyone you know is interested in this role which is ideal for someone who is in a position to take a low salary but is looking to change the world and make it a better place, surrounded by a truly inspirational team.

James Minter

James Minter is a partner at Hannington Tame, the digital CEO and C-Suite headhunting specialist.


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