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B2B SaaS Sales Director

Here we examine the role and the importance of the B2B SaaS Sales Director, and why the right person with the right mix of cutting-edge skills is crucial to making B2B SaaS Sales a success.


Many of the growth companies we are asked to work for are B2B SaaS businesses.  Almost all SaaS businesses are set up by techies. After all, you have to have a product before you can sell a product…. Often these techy founders are also great sellers in the early stages – they built the product, they are passionate and knowledgeable: who will sell it better than them? Logically there has to come a point where this model cannot scale.


The need for a scalable SaaS business model


Fast-growth SaaS businesses at scale have very separate elements – product and sales. Sales needs to be set up for success in its own right. The business may need some strategic work on positioning, go to market (GTM) channels need to be identified and explored and a structure put in place usually including SDRs and BDMs.


Why do we get asked to do these searches? Firstly, there is always a technical fit required and our understanding of the general B2C technology environment is often useful. Secondly, marketing will play some part at the beginning of the sales process – an area we understand very well.


Our SaaS Sales Director Headhunting Services


If you need a B2B SaaS Sales Director to make your ecommerce enterprise truly thrive, get in touch today. Hannington Tame are highly experienced headhunters in the digital leadership sector and can recruit the right talent for your requirement.


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