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Chief Data Officer

Here we review the importance of the Chief Data Officer for enterprise-level ecommerce, and how the right person can make a real difference to the success of a digital business.


The leaders of the new world economy, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple are built on foundations of data. What does Gousto do, according to Founder Timo Boldt? “We are a data company that loves food”. The big four make money by granting your company access to your data. AI feeds on data. Data is competitive advantage – through ownership and analytics. Compliance is crucial and increasingly more complicated.


What does a CDO do?


A layperson would expect a CDO to have a highly developed ability to manipulate vast quantities of data with clever algorithms and some incomprehensibly complicated artificial intelligence. What is overlooked is the sourcing, cleaning and structure of data. Then beyond the clever analysis and insight is an ability to communicate that insight to a commercial team which can then act to produce profitable outcomes.


Need a high-performing Chief Data Officer?


If you need a high-performing Chief Data Officer to take your ecommerce business to the next level, contact us today. Hannington Tame have years of experience headhunting the best digital leadership talent for the modern ecommerce sector, and will help you recruit a world-class CDO.


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