What Do Chief Product Officers & Product Directors Do?
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Chief Product Officer / Product Director Profile

What does a Chief Product Officer – also known as a Product Director – do? We examine the importance of this role, and how the right breed of Product Director can truly transform the fortunes of a digital or ecommerce enterprise.


The look and feel of your online presence (UX), the way this integrates with physical interactions, the seamless meshing of technology and human psychology and the business context of your digital experience – all this lies in the domain of Product. It is the intersection of commercial, technical and human spheres and requires an ability to understand, measure and communicate across all these disciplines.


CPOs understand technology and coding enough to be experts at when to prod and push and when to leave alone, they are experts at design and how humans and computers work best with each other and they are able to use these skills to keep costs down and revenue up. They are steeped in the methodology of agile, they are always testing and learning and, in the ever-changing digital world we now live in, their job in optimising the customer experience is never done.


Our Product Director Recruitment Services


If you are searching for the right Chief Product Officer or Product Director to help your ecommerce enterprise move forward, we can help. Hannington Tame bring years of experience to the task of headhunting the right digital leadership talent for your business, so contact us today.


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