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Digital Chair and NEDs

The roles of the Digital Chair and Digital NEDs (non-executive directors) are becoming more and more crucial to the success of the modern business enterprise.


This is a relatively new and growing area for us as the talent pool in ‘digital’ matures and augments its specialist knowledge with experience of board room work and higher-level decision making and strategy.


An obvious trigger point for these appointments comes when a finance round is about to land and investors or the board themselves worry about the potential for undisciplined or badly informed media spend. The prospect of a massive scaling opportunity will also prompt a call for representation on the board of someone who has been through the growth-pains themselves and can point out bumps in the road and possible solutions in a timely manner.


Bringing digital representation to the board


A lack of representation at board level for the digital, customer-centric viewpoint is the norm outside the tech industry. Interestingly, good digital candidates will look at the board to judge how much change, dynamism and speed they will be allowed. An understanding of agile methodology, the concept of product and a deep understanding of the advantages and potential flaws of data are crucial to success and having some support from on high can be a deal-maker when talent is looking at different opportunities.


Conversely from a board’s perspective they need to be happy that in such a rapidly shifting environment, they have an expert at their level able to take an informed view on the potential gains and risks and able to call out whether a member of staff is a shower or a grower.


Digital leadership headhunting services


If you are looking for a Digital Chair or for Digital Non-Executive Directors to help your business thrive in the digital or ecommerce sector, contact us today. Hannington Tame recruit and headhunt the very best digital leaders for a wide range of business requirements.

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