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Digital Chair and NEDs

Digital NEDs and Chairs for PE & VC portfolio companies/founder-led scale-ups/Digital Transformation

We have a network of founders with one (or several) exits behind them who are keen to help the next generation by acting as Non-Executive Directors or Chair.  We also have a high quality network of senior execs who have been either at CEO or Director level in large D2C or multichannel corporates looking for similar NED positions.


Private Equity / Venture Capital

As well as the obvious benefits of having a seasoned digital executive on the board there are some specific scenarios where a digital NED or Chair will add value.

Digital due diligence work –  If your PE/VC fund may have a diversified portfolio which is looking to make acquisitions or investments in D2C or multi-channel businesses.   We can supply experts for consultancy projects to carry out due diligence on


  • MarTech systems
  • ecommerce platforms
  • Team strengths and weaknesses
  • Competitive position with regard to marketplaces
  • A better understanding of the company’s marketing moat
  • A clearer understanding of the opportunity for growth within the ecommerce environment


Post-acquisition – A substantial proportion of investment is usually allocated to boosting marketing spend.  Your fund may feel that it is important to see that there is a clear return on this at a granular level.

Company/investor relations – Dealing with investors can be a drain on time and mental capacity for an executive team that should be focusing exclusively on growth.  A trusted NED or Chair with experience of both sides of the relationship can add huge value as a translator, mentor and mediator in this relationship.

Digital Operating Partners – Increasingly seen in PE firms, this flavour of OP fulfils much of the above list but is also able to


  • Guide strategy on acquisitions
  • Disseminate best practice
  • Take advantage of economies of scale for supplier agreements across the portfolio


Scale ups

There are three main areas where scale ups benefit from a NED or Chair



The challenges of high growth are legion and can only really be understood and navigated by someone who has been there and done it.  Culture is usually first element to suffer.  How do you put structure and process into place which will help you grow without trashing the entrepreneurial spirit and accountability that got you there in the first place?


Raising money

A gruelling, time-consuming process.  Why not get someone who is trusted by the investor community with a black book that opens doors to sit on your side and help?


Preparation for exit should start many years before the actual event.  Or, put it another way, if you prepare for an exit early then you will be working on the right metrics and recording the right evidence allowing a quicker and better result when the time is right.  We have people who have been through this one or several times.


Digital/Customer Representation on the Board

For larger companies it is now common-place to have a digital marketing/ecommerce/customer expert on the Board.  In businesses where there is still an element of digital transformation taking place then it is an important part of employee branding that new staff will have top-cover at board level.




Digital leadership headhunting services


If you are looking for a Digital Chair or for Digital Non-Executive Directors to help your business thrive in the digital or ecommerce sector, contact us today. Hannington Tame recruit and headhunt the very best digital leaders for a wide range of business requirements.


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