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Online success is not powered by technology.

It is powered by people.

We bridge the gap between digital, leadership and great companies. Partner with us and connect to the generation of pioneers who are changing the world. Partner with us because the future is human.

Our Expertise

  • Executive search for Digital leadership

    Retail and Multi-channel

    E-commerce, multichannel, mobile leadership for Multichannel businesses.

    CEO & C-Level

    Board level leadership where ecommerce and digital represents a large part of the role.


    Marketing positions where digital and e-commerce represents a large part of the role.

  • Recruitment for Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Roles

    Working with our sister brand Beringer Tame, we can build ecommerce or digital marketing teams or provide interim experts for contract assignments where basic salaries are under £120,000. We are unique in our ability to deliver truly comprehensive top to bottom recruitment projects for online teams.

  • Interim, Contract & Consultants

    If you need someone to deliver a project, bridge a gap, stand in for maternity cover or just provide a few days consulting and advice, we can match the right person to you.

  • Non Executive Directors

    Hiring a NED to advise your leadership team is an increasingly popular route to bring experience and insight onto a board for both multi-channel business and fast growing pureplays.

  • Corporate Venturing, Acquihires & ‘Intrapreneurs’

    With a network that straddles blue chip multi-national brands and angel backed start ups, we are excellently placed to orchestrate Corporate Venture deals or ‘Acquihires’. We can also help bring people with entrepreneurial experience to your business to lead projects or exploit business development opportunities.

  • Bespoke Training & Advice

    We can help you to up-skill your senior management team, by arranging short bespoke training with subject matter experts from our candidate network. Bypass dated training companies and meet the inside people working on the coal face.

  • Challenge us

    We are a creative, experienced and highly motivated award winning team, if you have a problem that no one else can help with, challenge us. We are here to help.

Peace of mind....and a piece of our mind

What do you get with a Hannington Tame process?

Peace of mind

Peace of mind that an niche expert is working on, with and for your team.

Peace of mind that we will listen to you

Peace of mind that we have already kissed and dismissed a lot of frogs

Peace of mind that we have encountered clients with the same problems and helped them find business changing candidates before 

Peace of mind that we are going to be able to penetrate the jargon to get to the core of a role and the core of a candidate's abilities

Peace of mind that we are going to be able to 360 reference a candidate because we will personally know people who know them

Peace of mind that we are good value for money and not paying City rents

Peace of mind that we have actually set up, run and worked in businesses ourselves and have not been headhunters for our whole career.

Peace of mind that we can do much more than an advert, a linked in search or a generalist headhunter can do. 

and finally - you get a piece of our minds for as long as it takes to find the right person for your organisation

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What our clients say

Hello Expertise

Executives in the world of digital marketing, multi-channel retail or eCommerce face one of the most fast-paced business environments in the world. You may be a eCommerce exec or a CEO with eCommerce as part of your skills. By starting a conversation with us, you are opening up possibilities for your career. Our partners will offer you personal, discreet consultation that will connect you to just the right opportunities at the right time.

Clients seeking to build their digital capability, transform their business or augment a current team will find a group of experts who are uniquely equipped to advise you on both the talent dynamic within the market and robust, effective talent solutions. We have expertise in both B2B and B2C and a track record of filling roles that have no precedent with compelling, creative talent who possess the capability to take on the challenges of this new landscape.

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We have been working with digital people in one way or another since the late 90s. We have watched our early clients grow from dot com start ups, to major online brands and many of the people we placed into mid-level online marketing or eCommerce roles in the corporate world 10 years ago, are now on the boards of major brands.

We have watched London become the global centre for eCommerce and multi-channel retailing. We are the team who can help you bring digital talent into your business.

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